Τα πρώτα πράγματα που μου έρχονται στο μυαλό στο άκουσμα της λέξης “Καστοριά” είναι η λίμνη, οι γούνες, η ποδοσφαιρική ομάδα, ένας συγγενής που παντρεύτηκε εκεί και πως πως
Οι καιροί ως γνωστόν αλλάζουν. Μέσα σε όλη αυτή την αλλαγή, έρχονται και νέες τάσεις στον τομέα της εργασίας. Ολοένα και περισσότερες νέες θέσεις εργασίας δημιουργούνται στον το
Those of us who love maps and geography in general, tend to love as well observing the physical boundaries that demarcate certain areas. Just like the Ural Mountains separate Europe from Asia, Nestos river draws a snake-like line between Macedonia and Thrace, or, to be more exact, between the prefectures of Kavala and Xant
Probably, many of us remember the French film “Endless Blue” that was filmed on the beautiful island of Amorgos. If there was a similar movie, that would be called “Endless Turquoise” definitely would make the spins of the Ionian Sea, and Lefkada had many chances to be selected. Rocky coastlines, fi
A river called Aposelemis, one of the largest in Crete, has been flowing on the island for thousands of years. It starts its journey in the plateau of Lassithi, ending up in an area locally known as Gouves, in the northern part of the island. As a result of increased water needs of the people who live in the prefectures of
There is an island in the Argo-Saronic Gulf that features a history so long, that goes lost in the mists of time. Salamis, made world-famous by the eponymous ship battle that took place there in 480 BC, is where a small number of Greeks did everything right to defeat what looked like an unbeatable power, the almighty and n
Somewhere to the east of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, there is a small river which starts life in Lake Volvi and soon finds its way to the beach of Vrasna, where it tumbles into the Strymonikos Gulf. Going by the name of the Rihios, its journey to the sea only lasts for 8 km and while its flow may seem a touch leisurely
  The desert-like areas for the majority of people looks like eerie, mysterious, exotic. They refer to distant lands and stories with windswept Bedouin caravans, crossing vast inaccessible areas, riding their camels. For those who want to live the experience of desert and there isn’t the possibility to go far away from
A cave on a steep slope on the western side of Samos, is said to have been home to renowned mathematician Pythagoras for a very long time. Opinions on his presence in the cave are divided. Some reports say he was there, banished by the tyrant Polycrates, accused of “corrupting” the youth of the island. Others argue tha
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