This particular story will try to capture, as much as possible, the real beauty of Kerala, who is no other than her people. In the local language Malayalam, Kera means coconut. After a British intervention, Kera-Land was finally named Kerala. The province of southwest India is a cultural alliance, where several religions and ethnicities coexist. Arab merchants, Portuguese and Dutch colonizers and British rulers, each left his mark and elements of his culture.

The following 20 pictures are a small sample of the 2500 photos I returned from India as valuable spoils. Everything is from everyday moments of people in the area and each one hides a little story that I will try to describe in a few words. Also, it is good to say that taking all the photos and portraits took place after the consent and consent of the depicted

1.The afternoon bath

After a busy day, many children choose small lakes and rivers for their afternoon bath

2. The nets of the fisherman 

In a masterful way this fisherman throws his pedestal, hoping for a good fish

3. The smiling guy in the train station

Emblematic and calm

4. Making ropes

If you have the knowledge and technique, you can turn the coconut bark into a high quality rope

5. A warm welcoming

An enthusiastic welcome to the courtyard of a home in Fort Kochin

6. That green

Beautiful colors and wonder in sight

7. Fishermen life

Hardy fishermen with their dyed hair pick up their nets at Kochin

8. Two generations

Grandmother and grandson enjoy their walk in the Bekal area

9. The happiest goodbye

Joyful students bid farewell after our visit to their school

10. Preparing the toddy

Supervising the toddy creation process. The Kerala spirits drink made from the liquor of the palm tree

11. The proud man

Proud and smiling

12. The man with the hawk

I do not know the exact reason, but the following gentleman had a hawk in his yard and wanted to show it to us

13. Wise and calm

A lavish lady shows us how to make our own basket

14. A clean smile

A clean smile from a sweet young who say goodbye at dozens of tourists

15. The shy of the trains

Although at first she did not accept photography, when she saw her girlfriends being photographed she did not stop posing at the lens

16. The pilgrims

A family looking for shade outside Kerala’s largest Hindu temple. Sitting patiently and with eyes that magnetize you

17. The marketplace

Purchase of vegetables under the sun

18. Selling fishes

Selling fish in one of Trivadrum’s main streets

19. The necessity of umbrellas

With only ally the umbrella, ladies are protected from extreme heat

20. The textile girl

A textile saleswoman looks out onto the street and awaits her customers

The above story is dedicated to the people of Kerala.

* Runvel was found in Kerala along with 30 other bloggers from around the world, as part of Kerala Blog Express session 4, invited by Kerala Tourism.





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